April 8th, 2012

How fragile

I saw an old lady get knocked down by a motorcycle tonight. In JB, straight after dinner at Taman Sentosa. I was standing on the pavement with Joel's aunt and her two daughters and it happened right before us. I saw the motorcycle wobble as the rider tried to swerve, a second before it hit her. I screamed and my mind went blank. I froze for a few seconds and Joel's aunt held her kids tight. When my mind started functioning again, I yelled to a young guy nearby to call for an ambulance. He then ran to the middle of the road to divert the traffic. The old lady was lying in the middle of the road, body in an awkward position, unmoving. I'm not sure but I think I heard her moaning in pain. It all happened so fast, it was like a whirl wind. Slowly, my emotions kicked in - I started sobbing and my legs went soft.

It's like no other emotion. I thought of the pain the old lady was in. I thought of the pain my Spark felt. So many other thoughts. I feel so horrible. There's nothing to describe how I'm feeling....

It was a hit and run. I hope karma catches up with the asshole.

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