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michmatherjiii [userpic]

Mostly joyous, and slightly bittersweet.

31st August 2011 (18:07)

New baby cousin, baby Victoria.

My friends love THIS face.

It's always good to have friends who are cooks/ wine supplier/ wine sommelier/ baker extraordinaire. Me.. I'm just a glutton.

Mark&Joel's b'day celebration at Shabu29. The beef and black pork slices were simply orgasmic.

The Sunday morning walk from Mount Faber park to Kent Ridge park.

Brought Aika night kite flying while she was here in S'pore.

Sherilyn came back from UK for a month.. And meet up with busy boy Ed who's lawyer-to-be.

Meet up with Joy who's also back from UK.

Meiyin's b'day at Peperoni + drinks at Quarubar.

Mom's b'day cake - baked with love by sis & myself.

Joel's b'day dinner with friends at Bistro Du Vin.

He who has wicked fashion sense - my father.


I'll be starting work mid of next month.. Straight after completing my RES course. Now that's bittersweet. Ahh, oh well, I guess I've had enough rest anw. Time to earn some money!

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